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le nouvel an - reflections on 'twenty-one'

Happy New Year! I'd love to share a quick post looking back on all of the blessings, life changes, and new experiences that came my way over the past twelve months.

The beginning of the New Year always brings such happiness and good vibes for me. My family has always celebrated the New Year with sparkles, sparkling cider, and watching the New York City ball drop until midnight. It's the little things that make those memories so special.

So, with that little intro, I'd love to highlight a few of my favorite memories and new experiences from the past year!

  • Graduating high school, and getting the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at our graduation ceremony.

One thing I had looked forward to all throughout high school was getting to walk across the stage with my friends and classmates and have that final "hoorah" with my family there, sharing the moment with me. It was super special having the chance to sing the National Anthem for my school, something I had been waiting to do for years. It felt like the ceremony perfectly closed off my high school career. Even though high school was sometimes a struggle, it was a big accomplishment nonetheless. My family also threw me such a sweet graduation party, my mom and grandma seriously going above and beyond, which was complete with a little backyard concert of some of the most memorable songs I've performed during my theatre career over my last five years living in Oregon (big thanks to Stella and Wyatt for the tech help!!).

  • Doing a California road trip with my mom and brother

After I had officially committed to my French internship program, I had to take a trip to the Consulate in San Francisco to apply for my Visa to be able to live in France for this year. My family decided that we would make a road trip out of it, seeing many family members and friends who we had not been able to see since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. From Sonoma to San Francisco, we traversed all across the state. The most memorable part was definitely a surprise trip to Yosemite that my mom had planned, where we ended up scoring two nights in the Lodge, just as a crazy monsoon warning came in the afternoon we arrived. One of my favorite memories of that trip was renting bikes with my mom in the perfectly clear morning and then having to bike through the storm to our room when it hit the Valley; by the time we got under cover, we were completely soaked - but laughing harder than ever. The summer of 2021 really did leave so many lasting memories that I will guard forever, and I'm really glad I had this trip with my family before I left for my new adventure!

  • I traveled a lot (of course)!

But thinking back to before I left for France, I did a lot of little trips over the summer when COVID gave us a little bit of a breather on the PNW. As aforementioned, I took a road trip to California, but I also spent a weekend in Vancouver, Washington, with my friend who I hadn't seen for a year, which was such a blast! In addition, I had a couple of trips to Portland, Oregon with friends and family as well, which are always a great way to spend a weekend or even just an afternoon. Even after moving here, I traveled to Angers, France, and the ever-beautiful: Paris! Traveling in a new country, whether alone or with friends, is such an eye-opening experience, and has really helped me appreciate my new home here, and also my homes from my past, and how every person you meet is really by chance.

If this next one surprises you, then somehow you've missed all my other posts...

  • I moved to France - and started a new job!

One of the best blessings and experiences in all of my eighteen years on this planet so far. This internship has made so many of my dreams come true, and mainly helped me realize that I am capable of doing incredible things and I am so much stronger than I thought! Thank you again and a giant shoutout to Andégo Internships Abroad for all of the guidance, help, and just the opportunity to be here. I do not have enough good things to say about Andégo, and I will always remember this experience because they made it happen!

To conclude this entry, I want to also thank you for continuing to support me from afar (or maybe, not so far). It means the world to me to have people read my blog and hear about my little adventures here and there, and new lessons I'm learning about life. The world feels so much cozier when I know that I have people in my corner all over it. So, thank you!!

my first photo from january first!

As always, bisous, and Happy New Year!!


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